Solo travel in Africa

A Quest in Untrodden Shikoku

Explore the secret and difficult-to-reach corners of Shikoku, and island where Japanese traditions, nature and character remain untoched.

A walk on the Wild Side of Botswana

Explore the Okavango and Kgalagadi with nothing more than your own two feet: this is Safari as pure as it gets.

Boundless Namibia

Experience the wonder of the Namib desert, uncover its secrets, and get up close to its uniquely adapted wildlife. This is a trip no one else offers.

In a Sea of Art

There is no right or wrong in art, but there is a right way to do Japan’s Art Islands and this is how.

Kenya: Conservation in Action

Gain an in-depth understanding of one of Africa’s most dynamic ecosystems. Learn firsthand from the local conservationists who strive to protect it.

Lloyd Camp: Safari Virtuoso

One of the most experienced and sought-after guides in Africa shares his passion and expertise to create a life-changing safari, just for you.

Picture-Perfect in the Masai Mara and the Serengeti

Test your hand at the shutter alongside professional photographers and safari legends.

Seriously Fun Safari School

Train like an actual safari guide in one of the most diverse parts of Kruger Park, not open for tourists.

South Africa: Of Predators and Sardines

Follow the biggest migration on the planet alongside a host of sardines, dolphins, sharks, birds and whales, then dive into the thick of it!

Tanzania: The Scenic Route to Africa’s Roof

Join superguide Ake Lindstrom for a thorough expedition in the Kilimanjaro. Experience 6 different ecosystems and then conquer the summit.

The Renewal of Life in Serengeti

Witness the wildebeest birthing season as over 3 million calves are born in the span of just a few weeks.

There’s Something Wild Afoot: Walking the Serengeti

Strap up your trekking boots and venture to the heart of the Serengeti. Your Hadzabe guides will lead you to where no game drive can reach.

Tribes & Churches

Ethiopia encompasses time. Forty thousand years of history in seven days? That will bring some perspective.

Ultimate Botswana: Walking Heli-Safari

Combine the purity of the walking safari with the thrill of helicopter rides and take your adventure in the bush to the next level.

Zambia Trekking Wild

Dust off the trekking boots and head to some of the most remote and underdeveloped wildlife areas for a walking safari that is all about getting close… really close!

Zambia: Wildlife at the Tip of Your Lens

Two of the best wildlife areas remain widely untouched, waiting to be captured on camera.

Zimbabwe: Walking with Lions

Experience the drama of African wildlife from the unique perspective gained by travelling on foot.