Wellness Through Travel

Wellness has become a pursuit akin to that of happiness. The wellness industry is blossoming, and it encompasses fitness, nutrition, and mental wellbeing. In a series of talks, our Travel Salon became a place of exploration and insightful discussion. Wellness is a holistic approach to life, and travel plays a big part in it.

Striking the Right Balance

“Humans are cumulative creatures,” said Heather Thomas Shalabi in the May 23 Travel Salon. In her insightful talk, she explained how the build-up of everyday concerns inspires a need for retreat. In her opinion, travel is a way to achieve habitual change, which leads in turn to a more fulfilling life. Vivienne Tang, a wellness expert, shared with us the importance of striking the right balance between discipline and leisure. The latter is fundamental to find one’s purpose. In her words: “I believe we all have a calling in life. And to hear that we need to get quiet sometimes.”

A Life to Love

Executive coaches Sandy Oetterli and Virginia Morris spoke in our June 22 Travel Salon. Oetterli shared how she purposefully designed the life she loves, and how travel helped her in the process. She took us on a journey through Morocco, Myanmar and Patagonia, places that brought her closer to nature, and to herself. Morris, for her part, made clear the connection that exists between travel and personal development, in a heartfelt exposition of her thoughts and expertise.

Transformation Through Travel

The June 29 Travel Salon was the proud host of Emma Slade, the first foreigner to be ordained as a Buddhist Nun in Bhutan. Her words had us on the edge of our seats, as she recounted how a negative experience in Yakarta, sent her on an adventure of spiritual awakening, that culminated as she travelled in Tibet. Her story of how she left a successful career in finance for a spiritual life is imbibed with the transformative power of travel.

Travelling for Fulfilment

During the October 19 Travel Salon, Nicolas Pillet, General Manager of Amanoi-Vietnam, presented a holistic approach to wellness travel, and how it must encompass fitness, nutrition, emotional well-being and body work. Our very own Andrea Oschetti demonstrated the relationship between travel and wellness. With his habitual candour, he explored the possibilities that exist to find fulfilment through travel, and how this ranges from the practical, such as fitness, to the the more intangible, such as the spiritual.

Richness in Every Aspect

When we at Bluflower say “life-enriching experiences” we refer to travel that has an impact well beyond the duration of the trip. The innovative itineraries that we present, are meant to give you a richness that you can carry into your daily life, a richness that will become a part of you. For that reason, wellness has become a huge motivation for travel. It has the power to change the course of your life for the better.