Costa Rica: Pura Vida Underwater, Overland and Airborne

Design your own adventure in the diverse, lush and pristine Costa Rica. From active volcanoes to a swim with thousands of dolphins in the Ocean, you can have it all.

What others say about us

  •  "In his latest business venture, the chef, travel writer and photographer tailors experiences that will be more fulfilling than mass tourism, using a crew of 'dream makers' expert in their field."

    - South China Morning Post

  • "Despite traveling with young kids, we could see the best places and temples; far from the crowd and literally on our own! What a treat! Our children felt at home running around the temples and climbing on the old, huge trees!"

    -Sofia & her family on their journey to Cambodia

  • "My journey with Blue Flower across the width of Kyrgystan provided exactly what I wanted, a well planned but flexible itinerary, a connection with the country and its people and a healthy dose of spontaneous adventure."

    - Graeme on his journey in Kyrgyzstan

  •  "Andrea Oschetti has swapped life in the corporate sphere to cater for a growing band of sophisticated world traverls."

    - Asia Times

  • "Andrea did a wonderful job designing an itinerary to suit three generations of diverse interests, and was flexible and responsive to last minute changes and requests. He showed us many hidden treasures of this beautiful region that would have missed we're it not for him."

    - Heather on her journey in Italy

  • "We got to witness three large packs in different camps and on one occasion an impala kill challenged by a pack of hyenas.  Elephants were in abundance, large herds of buffalo, giraffe and the list goes on.... "

    - Rhonda and Richard on their journey in Botswana

  • "Even if I had spent six months on the web, I couldn’t have organised such a trip."

    - Sandro on his family holiday to South Africa and Mozambique


  • Luxury Inuit Camp
  • Far away from civilisation
  • Connection with nature
  • Adventure in the fjords

Nov - May
5 days
From US$ 6,500pp
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