Nagaland - India like you've never seen before

East of Assam is home to one of India’s smallest and most diverse states. A member of the Seven Sisters region situated on the Burmese border, what was once a volatile area rife with conflict has now made way for a stable, burgeoning agricultural economy. Nagaland is India like you’ve never seen it before.

Nagaland presents some stark differences to the picture of India painted by popular travel literature. To begin with, it is one of few states with a predominantly Christian population. It is also one of only two Indian states involved in the Second World War. The war memorial is a touching monument dedicated to the lives lost in the Battle of Kohima, and allows you to engage in a respectful encounter with the region’s tumultuous history.

Home to an incredible array of rare species of flora and fauna, at the Kohima Camp Nagaland, you’ll have this diversity hotspot on your doorstep, situated at the footstep of several hiking trails. Thanks to commendable grassroots efforts to fight deforestation in the area, biodiversity continues to thrive, and Nagaland’s ecosystem will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Though the area may be short on luxury hotel-chains, that’s not to say you’ll be relegated to a camp bed. The colonial style, solar-lit encampment at Kohima isn’t your average explorer’s tent. Situated 2,000 metres above sea level high upon six-acres of forest deep in the heart of Angami tribal territory, for the duration of your stay, your every need will be catered to through the camp’s private butler service. 

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To truly experience Nagaland at its finest, you must plan your trip to coincide with the Hornbill Festival – a ten-day festival in which all 16 tribes from around the region participate in cultural festivities. This year’s festival takes place from December 1st-10th, and is the largest indigenous festival throughout India. While the chance to glimpse this unique occasion is itself a once in a lifetime opportunity, you can do one better and make this a true honeymoon experience. Engage and be an active participant in the festivities rather than observe from the sidelines. It’s experiences like this that create lasting impressions that stay with you forever. Take part in an intimate ceremony on your honeymoon – a festival of celebration and joy; not unlike your own.