Peru & Bolivia - Head south for your very otherworldly photoshoot

Machu Picchu tops many a bucket list around the world. But would you really want to spend your honeymoon joining the masses on your climb? What if you could fulfil your wildest dreams away from large groups? Heading to the famed Incan ruins doesn’t have to mean fighting with other tourists for your moment on top; done respectfully, you can join an Inca elder on your ascent away from the crowds, and achieve a spiritual sensation other tourists simply aren’t able to engage with.

A once-in-a-lifetime trip like this isn’t one to pack light for; with so many experiences on your doorstep, you’ll want to be prepared for every occasion. And if you have a little extra room in your case? Bring your wedding dress! There are photo opportunities here that will have your friends green with envy.

Head to the picture perfect Ausungate. As a result of millions of years’ worth of mineral deposits reacting to atmospheric components, the mountain has become a striped spectacular, better known as Rainbow Mountain. Just 100km from Cusco and its nearby Sacred Valley, extending your trip a few days is more than worth it. Avoid a visit in June though, as the Corpus Christi festival attracts scores of visitors from around the region, and you’ll likely be missing that slice of tranquillity you flew around the world to find.

After more than just one picture perfect moment? Bolivia’s Uyuni Salt Flats hold the answer. The iconic, prehistoric landscape is on the migratory route of the pink flamingos, and there are few landscapes on earth as captivating as this. Join a photographer for a day on the flats and create your own iconic honeymoon photos, before lodging at the Luna Salada – a hotel constructed from salt bricks with panoramic views of the surrounding flats, staying true to their surroundings. Staying on site allows you the luxury of spending the evening stargazing from the otherworldly planes looking at the Milky Way above.


Making your way down from higher ground, be sure not to neglect the urban offerings. Back in Peru, Lima’s culinary landscape now rivals the reputation of many a European dining destination, thanks to the likes of Gaston Acurio, the man who put Peru’s dining scene on the map, and Virgilio Martinez, the maverick chef behind Central – a Peruvian fine dining experience that has captured the heart of the nation, as well as culinary enthusiasts from around the world.