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Away from the Crowds in Cambodia

Experience the Temples of Angkor away from the crowds and unwind in the luxury of a private island.

For those who love to travel back in time and experience the luxury of being away from the crowds

8 days or longer
On request
Away from the Crowds in Cambodia
Away from the Crowds in Cambodia

Why our trip is different:

  • We have gained exclusive insight into the patterns of tourist movements in Angkor, temple by temple, hour by hour. We avoid the big flocks of tourists
  • Discuss the history of Angkor with the leading academic archaeologist, Damian Evans, at a quaint little restaurant the day before the tour starts
  • Spend a day helicopter-hopping to reach the most secluded temples
  • Enter Angkor through the jungle like an explorer, rather than the main gate like a tourist
  • Actively engage with locals in an authentic rural village
  • Experience a candlelit dinner in a private villa overlooking the rice terraces
  • Relax at the hidden Song Saa Private Island for a stylish getaway
  • Be dropped off on a deserted beach for a truly unique castaway experience
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