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Mongolia beyond Genghis Khan

Steppes, desert and mountains of Mongolia: an experience of god, history and the adventures of man in nature

For free spirited people enchanted by the nomadic way of life, looking to broaden their horizons and roam the great outdoors

Jun - Sept.
10 days
On request
Mongolia beyond Genghis Khan
Mongolia beyond Genghis Khan

Why our trip is different:

  • See an authentic shaman enter a state of trance and dance in a rare and private ceremony

  • Receive a private blessing by the head monk at the Gandan Monastery

  • Uncover the secrets of the legendary Genghis Khan and the largest continuous empire in history

  • Retreat to a luxurious Ger and feast on delectable contemporary Mongolian cuisine in a National Geographic lodge

  • Engage with a local camel herding family and other nomadic families throughout your trip

  • Connect with each of Mongolia’s micro landscapes on foot, on camel and on horseback

  • Decipher ancient petroglyphs at Havtsgait Valley with a local archaeologist
Mongolia beyond Genghis Khan


  Arrival in Ulaanbaatar * Rest at Shangri-La Hotel

D2  Blessing by the head monk at Gandan Monastery * National History Museum * Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum * Throat singers & contortionists performance * Overnight in Shangri-La

D3  Fly into Gobi Desert * Picnic lunch in Gegeet Valley * Dunes of Khongoryn Els * Relax in Erdene Ger Camp

D4  Hike through Yol Valley * Shadow a nomadic family * Luxurious nomadic experience at Three Camel Lodge

D5  Camel herding family visit * Meditation in Bulgan Temple * Organic farm visit * Rest in Three Camel Lodge

D6  Decipher ancient petroglyphs at Havtsgait Valley * Flaming Cliffs with dinosaur fossils * Relax in Three Camel Lodge

D7  Fly to Ulaanbaatar * Head North to Gorkhi Terelj on horseback * Retire to panoramic Terelj Hotel

D8  Adventurous hike to Aryabal Monastery * Livestock herding and kayaking in Jalman Meadows * Private shaman ceremony * Tented night

D9  Nomadic family visit * Horseback riding or hiking in Jalman * Return to Ulaanbaatar

D10  Departure

All sample itineraries are designed to inspire and are customised on consultation.

Our favourite places to stay:

Shangri-La Hotel, Ulaanbaatar - a luxurious sanctuary, located right in the heart of the city

Three Camel Lodge - a luxurious take on the traditional nomadic lifestyle built in the heart of the Gobi according to environmentally and culturally sustainable development guidelines

Terelj Hotel - pure luxury in the wilderness immersed in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

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