Myanmar (Burma)

A Passway to Golden Myanmar

Imagine a land untouched by time, where golden pagodas reach to the skies, and the landscape is a white page for you to write your own adventure.

Family Adventure in Myanmar

Discover the Golden Land with your family as you go on treasure hunts, play with elephants and explore a world of magic and fun.

Meet the Longneck Women of Myanmar

Go deeper into Myanmar on this cultural journey through the mysterious state of Kayah, where you’ll meet the longneck women.

Myanmar Adventure: Only for Brave Travellers

Venture into the remote region of Eastern Shan and discover a world of diversity and wander along the old opium trails of Myanmar.

Myanmar: The Golden Rock and the Salween Flow

Go deeper into Myanmar and discover the gorgeous nature and cultural diversity of Mon State.

Myanmar’s Art Renaissance

Gain access to Myanmar’s top artists, performers, writers and archaeologists who will guide you to the heart and soul of this cultural wonderland.

The Best of Myanmar

Discover the best that this Golden Land has to offer in a balanced itinerary that is full of must-see highlights and many off-the-beaten-track surprises.