Paris, Rome and London for the Family and Kids

Explore culture capitals of Europe with the kids. Enjoy activities designed specially for them, and for the child in you.

A Fairytale in the Loire Valley

Meet the owners of stunning chateaus. Discover secret gardens and private states on this fairytale trip around the dreamlike landscape of the Loire Valley.

A Festival of Lights

Journey through Iceland's striking landscapes and experience the magic of the Northern Lights

A gastronomic adventure in Basque Country and Barcelona

Get behind-the-scenes access to the most interesting eateries with those in-the-know, and immerse yourself in the everyday life of the Basque Country and Barcelona

A Romance with Naples, and Capri A Piacere

Savour Italian style in a cultural haven before retreating to a Mediterranean getaway in true movie-star fashion.

A Show of Norwegian Lights

Join a group of audacious travellers and experience a luxurious adventure in the Norwegian Arctic.

A Transylvanian Fantasy

Travel in Transylvania, a gem of Romania and Southeastern Europe. Discover castles, medieval towns and a whole new dimension of gastronomy, hospitality and romanticism.

Alesund: Norway’s Wonderland

Explore Alesund and the Sunnmore Alps, kayak in breathtaking fjords and bike in mysterious dales… you will soon find the true meaning of friluftsliv!

Behind the Scenes in Paris

We let you in on our Parisian secrets, uncovering the hidden cultural gems that make the city truly sparkle

Behind-the-scenes access to Top Italian Brands

Blueflower is partnering with the best Italian brands to create exclusive experiences and grant you access to the world of Italian prestige and creativity.

Budapest & Prague: A Tour of Elegance

Crown the holiday season in two of the most beautiful European cities. Embark in a fairytale through Budapest and Prague. End this winter literally on a high note.

Croatia for Foodies

Embark on a gastronomic tour de force that will take you from the hearty strukli of Zagreb to the subtle Mediterranean flavours of the Dalmatian Coast.

Cultural Walks in Milan

Fashion, art, architecture, food and photography are Milan’s gift to the distinguishing traveller. Our signature walks capture the sould of Milan.

Deep Nights, Full of Light

Visit the pristine nature of the Swedish Arctic in a four-day expedition.

Dolomite Ski Safari, Snow Zebras not Included

Ski from resort to resort, and discover the best way to apres-ski: to keep skiing.

Dress Up in Baroque Venezia

Venice is a seducer. Put on the the mask, attend the best parties, and give in to the charm of Canival.

East Sicily and the Aeolian Islands

Experience the truly elemental Mediterranean holiday, where wind, earth, water and fire combine in a wondrous alchemy of luxury, flavours and natural enjoyment.

Family Mountaineering in the Dolomites

Hidden in the mountainous valleys of Northern Italy, classic alpine scenes and world-class dining are waiting to charm the romantic traveller, and the family too.

Fashion and Delight in Milan

Meet private ateliers and fashion up-and-coming personalities, dine in style and shop in Italy’s fashion mecca.

Food and Pilates Retreat in Puglia, Italy

Energise and nourish your body and soul in a one-of-a-kind wellness retreat that merges the power of Pilates with the very best of the Mediterranean Diet.

Georgia and Armenia: The Key to Caucasus

Travel through the Caucasus for a cultural experienced that is lived through the architecture, the dramatic nature, and a deep spirituality.

Greenland: Remote Camp in Inuit Fashion

Discover the Inuit way of life, the struggle for survival, the connection with nature, the fun and the adventure.

In the Footsteps of Polar Explorers

Join in an expedition to Norway's Tromso: the Arctic Gate. Discover the colourful skies and pristine nature of the Lofoten Island.

Italian Flavours and a Whole Lotta Soul

Venture to sun-drenched Puglia, where cities are ancient, the olive oil without equal, the focaccia just out of the oven and soulfulness locally grown.

Italy: Culture, Passion, Style, Cars

Put the perfect accent on your Italian holiday with the right set of wheels. Choose from carefully preserved vintage models, all the way to roaring supercars.

London for Families: Wizarding Detectives

Use your powers of deduction to fight against London’s criminal masterminds, become a wizard ― of sorts, and explore the fun side of etiquette.

Love Life, Go to Ibiza

Treat yourself to a vacation in the trendiest island in the world. Relax in sandy beaches, swim in crystaline waters and dance the night away.

Meet Santa under Magical Finnish Skies

Give your children a gift they will never forget and enjoy a unique family Christmas in an exclusive chalet in the middle of a snowy forest.

Neapolitan Glamour and Passion in the Amalfi Coast

Art and architecture to whet your imagination. A culinary paradise or grandiose originality. A Mediterranean getaway where passions flourish.

Norway: Culture and Nature between Two Seas

Discover the magical city of Alesund and the fjords of the west coast. Then explore Oslo, where nature and city blend to create something unique.

Paris for Families: Playful Refinement

Children experience Paris’ museums, art and culture through play. Fun workshops introduce them to French cuisine and the Impressionists’ painting techniques.

Rome for Families: Gelato Wielding Gladiators

A fun-filled family experience where you will make gelato and pizza, train like a gladiator and ride a bike in the Via Appia and the Catacombs.

Runner’s High in the Dolomites

Run in the scenic trails of Italy’s most iconic mountains. Travel fast and travel light. With everything taken care of, this trip is all about the run.

Sardinia: Trekking in a Mediterranean Sanctuary

Are you up for a luxury challenge? Explore the mountain trails, coastal tracks, and incredible beaches of Sardinia in a guided trekking adventure.

Sardinian Summer: Beach and Inland Treasures

A haven of art, culture, luxury and relaxation in Sardinia’s best-kept secret. Then a heavenly beach escape in the Emerald coastline.

Scenic Driving through the Fjord-Roads of Norway

Glide through winding roads that carve the Fjords for a privileged view of Norwegian nature. Hire an expert chauffeur or drive the roads yourself.

Ski Mont Blanc

Strap on your skis and join the locals in a journey around Mont Blanc, crossing into Italy, France and Switzerland. Epic and yet family friendly.

Slow Living in Provence

Experience the fragrances of Provence. Gain access to beautiful, historic sites inaccessible to the public.

The Art and Science of Good Eating in Italy

Travel through Central Italy alongside chefs and sommeliers. Elevate your appreciation of food and wine to a true Gastrosophy.

The Dolomites: Your Winter Playground

Come to the world’s most charming Capital of Ski. The only rules are: eat delicious food, relax in nature and have endless fun in the snow.

The expressions of Portugal

Immerse yourself in the many facets of Portuguese culture, and step inside the private realms of its creative spirits

The Finnish Arctic: At the Edge of the World

Travel to the last European Wilderness. In this luxurious expedition, you will find a constant spectacle, both on land, and in the skies.

The Grand Tour of Sicily

From the art of Palermo, to the temples of Agrigento, the fires of Etna and the charm of Taormina. For ambitious travellers who want it all.

The Heart and Soul of Spain

Embrace Southern Spain, with its dance, its cuisine and traditions. Join locals in their zeal to preserve a rich cultural heritage.

The Living Heart of Transylvania

Discover the charm of rural Transylvania, lose yourself in medieval citadels and discover cherished traditions in a land that is more fairytale that horror story.

The Living Theatre of Puglia

Delve into the territory of the master craftsmen who breathe life into southern Italy’s striking landscapes

The Meaning of Italian Style

An insightful journey through Venice and Milan, exploring the many facets of Italian style

The Natural Mystery of the Canary Islands

Hop from island to island to discover natural worlds that defy the imagination and let our guides show you the key to the Canaries’ diversity.

The Russian Tundra and the Green Nightskies

Venture to extreme latitudes in the Kola Peninsula for an off-the-beaten-path experience of the Northern Lights.

The secrets of Moscow and St. Petersburg

Travel back in time to experience Russia’s rich history, from the opulent days of the Tsar through to today's contemporary culture

Timeless Chic in the Dalmatian Coast

Enjoy the pleasures of Croatia, where the Mediterranean remains unspoilt. Reach inaccessible coves in your own private speedboat, cave in to luxury.

West Sicily and Inland Delights

Between Palermo and Agrigento, inland Sicily nestles flavours and traditions of unmatched authenticity, unknown to tourists.