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Behind the Scenes in Paris

We let you in on our Parisian secrets, uncovering the hidden cultural gems that make the city truly sparkle

For those looking to peel back the layers of ‘The City of Light’ and discover what goes into its most refined artisanal practices

Apr. - May
4 days
On request
Behind the Scenes in Paris
Behind the Scenes in Paris

Why our trip is different:

  • Unveil the secrets of what goes into crafting the most exceptional goods at the prolific Couture House 
  • Immerse yourself in beauty and take in a private chamber music concert surrounded by Monet paintings*
  • Eat like a King, quite literally, as you feast on a candlelit meal by a Michelin-starred chef in Versailles *
  • Take part in incredible experiences in unusual places tourists don’t usually get access to
  • See Paris from the Seine on your own private river cruise
  • Have in-depth experiences that connect you with the art, fashion and history of Paris
  • See world renowned sites like the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and Notre Dame with a fresh perspective, accompanied by inspiring and knowledgeable locals 
  • Tour the streets of Paris on a retro motorcycle
  • Travel back in time and unearth unique treasures at the best vintage markets in the city 
  • Taste specially brewed mead in the catacombs of Paris 
Behind the Scenes in Paris


D1  Hop on a vintage motorcycle, taking in the sights and sounds from a fresh perspective

D2  Step inside a renowned Couture House for an exclusive workshop * Private sunset cruise on the River Seine

D3  Head to Versailles and meet the artisans who make this historic palace come to life * Access the private rooms of royal family members * A king’s private dining experience

D4  Departure

All sample itineraries are designed to inspire and are customised on consultation.

Our favourite places to stay:

The Ritz Paris - freshly restored luxury behind an 18th-century town house façade

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