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Iceland - Above and beyond your wildest dreams

There are few experiences more breathtaking than the ethereal performance of the Aurora Borealis. But the magic of Iceland holds even more than that. Not only do the far-reaching points of the island offer some of the best views of the Northern Lights; it boasts a landscape like no other. If you opted out of a big white wedding, don’t fret; honeymooning in a winter wonderland will have you feeling like Cinderella, with the photos to match.

Rather than sit and wait for the magic to happen, make yours an active experience, and board a Super Jeep, driving into the night sky as the Northern Lights come to life. There have been rumours circling the Internet that the Northern Lights are fading. While thankfully, this isn’t true, their brilliance is effected by a roughly decade-long cycle. What does this mean for you and your honeymoon? There’s no time like the present; the lights are at their brightest now, so head north to see the magic for yourself. Fairy godmother: optional.

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Though it may be small, the secrets of Iceland are gradually becoming known to more and more adventurous spirits. It is still possible, however, to indulge in a moment of privacy away from other explorers. For instance, one of the most popular attractions on-land, the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, can be yours and yours alone, with private access during your visit to the lagoon.

Iceland is as known for its coastline as its topography. Head out on a private yacht for an intimate whale-watching experience. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can quite literally experience the best of both worlds, and dive between two continents at the Silfra Fissure. 

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Heading out to sea, you can’t help but notice the vast glaciers as you sail by. Iceland is home to Europe’s second largest glacier, and for active adventurers, this makes for the perfect playground. Explore this dynamic area with a professional geologist in tow, and overnight in a rustic mountain hut on the glacier itself, for a moment of true peace and quiet.

Opting for an adventurous honeymoon doesn’t have to mean sleeping bags and windswept tents. The options to indulge are endless. Rather than spending the day hiking and retreating to your hotel for the evening, ignite your inner fire on a romantic experience inside a lava cave. Add a more intimate, personal element to the day, and dine on an exquisite meal prepared by a private chef. It is your honeymoon, after all.