Italy Culture, Art and Fashion

Avoid standing in line for a glimpse of Tintoretto. Culture travel in Italy is all about who you know. Lucky for you, we've got the best connections.

Behind-the-scenes access to Top Italian Brands

Blueflower is partnering with the best Italian brands to create exclusive experiences and grant you access to the world of Italian prestige and creativity.

Cultural Walks in Milan

Fashion, art, architecture, food and photography are Milan’s gift to the distinguishing traveller. Our signature walks capture the sould of Milan.

Dress Up in Baroque Venezia

Venice is a seducer. Put on the the mask, attend the best parties, and give in to the charm of Canival.

Fashion and Delight in Milan

Meet private ateliers and fashion up-and-coming personalities, dine in style and shop in Italy’s fashion mecca.

Italy: Culture, Passion, Style, Cars

Put the perfect accent on your Italian holiday with the right set of wheels. Choose from carefully preserved vintage models, all the way to roaring supercars.

Neapolitan Glamour and Passion in the Amalfi Coast

Art and architecture to whet your imagination. A culinary paradise or grandiose originality. A Mediterranean getaway where passions flourish.

Rome for Families: Gelato Wielding Gladiators

A fun-filled family experience where you will make gelato and pizza, train like a gladiator and ride a bike in the Via Appia and the Catacombs.

The Art and Science of Good Eating in Italy

Travel through Central Italy alongside chefs and sommeliers. Elevate your appreciation of food and wine to a true Gastrosophy.

The Living Theatre of Puglia

Delve into the territory of the master craftsmen who breathe life into southern Italy’s striking landscapes

The Meaning of Italian Style

An insightful journey through Venice and Milan, exploring the many facets of Italian style

West Sicily and Inland Delights

Between Palermo and Agrigento, inland Sicily nestles flavours and traditions of unmatched authenticity, unknown to tourists.