Italy Food and Wine

Get to the heart of Italy through its food. Delight in exclusive delicacies hidden in inland Sicily, or tour wine country with a philosopher chef in tow.

East Sicily and the Aeolian Islands

Experience the truly elemental Mediterranean holiday, where wind, earth, water and fire combine in a wondrous alchemy of luxury, flavours and natural enjoyment.

Food and Pilates Retreat in Puglia, Italy

Energise and nourish your body and soul in a one-of-a-kind wellness retreat that merges the power of Pilates with the very best of the Mediterranean Diet.

Italian Flavours and a Whole Lotta Soul

Venture to sun-drenched Puglia, where cities are ancient, the olive oil without equal, the focaccia just out of the oven and soulfulness locally grown.

Sardinian Summer: Beach and Inland Treasures

A haven of art, culture, luxury and relaxation in Sardinia’s best-kept secret. Then a heavenly beach escape in the Emerald coastline.

The Art and Science of Good Eating in Italy

Travel through Central Italy alongside chefs and sommeliers. Elevate your appreciation of food and wine to a true Gastrosophy.

The Dolomites: Your Winter Playground

Come to the world’s most charming Capital of Ski. The only rules are: eat delicious food, relax in nature and have endless fun in the snow.

The Grand Tour of Sicily

From the art of Palermo, to the temples of Agrigento, the fires of Etna and the charm of Taormina. For ambitious travellers who want it all.

West Sicily and Inland Delights

Between Palermo and Agrigento, inland Sicily nestles flavours and traditions of unmatched authenticity, unknown to tourists.