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Slow Living in Provence

Experience the fragrances of Provence. Gain access to beautiful, historic sites inaccessible to the public.

For those wishing to experience the idyllic Southern French lifestyle, and learn what goes into creating its iconic products

June - Nov.
6 days
On request
Slow Living in Provence
Slow Living in Provence

Why our trip is different:

  • Meet the makers and discover the best produce on the oldest organic farm in France
  • Get involved in the creative process and take part in special workshops with top artisans in the region
  • Enjoy exclusive access to some of the most historic wineries in Provence
  • Indulge in a champagne picnic in the lavender fields
  • Explore hidden gems away from the tourists and privately tour historic castles, splendid chateaus, and the Palace of the Popes
  • Visit the fragrant, private gardens of a perfumer and learn how to create your own scent
  • Access the studio of a Provence artist and picnic with them
Slow Living in Provence


  Avignon * Explore the Palace of the Popes and privately tour the Abbey * Check in to La Bastide de Gordes

D2  Cycle to the lavender fields * Visit the private gardens of a perfumer * Dine at L’Orangerie overlooking the hanging gardens and vineyards

D3  Tour the oldest organic farm in France and meet producers * Join a cooking class

D4  Visit off-the-beaten path villages * Get inside one of the finest vineyards in Provence for a VIP wine tasting with the owners

D5  Access the studio of a Provence artist and picnic with them

D6  Relax in Aix-en-Provence * Depart

All sample itineraries are designed to inspire and are customised on consultation.

Our favourite places to stay:

La Bastide de Gordes - an ancestral castle built on the edge of a cliff

Hotel Cezanne - a designer boutique hotel in central Aix-en-Provence

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