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Arabian wanderlust in Oman

A glamping adventure in Oman’s historic heartland. Discover the stunning diversity of wadis, beaches, mountains, pools and dunes in style…

For those searching for a reflective retreat and exploration into the unknown; embrace the ancient history of Oman, and a landscape that will continually surprise you

Apr. - May
7 days
On request
Arabian wanderlust in Oman
Arabian wanderlust in Oman

Why our trip is different:

  • Kayak at dawn to see the magnificent humpback whales
  • Spot turtles on the beach at a luxury eco-lodge
  • Drive across the enchanting landscapes of the Al Hajar Mountains and the Green Mountains of Jabel Al Akhdar
  • Camp out in the desert, Bedouin style
  • Seek out hidden waterfalls and a turquoise oasis in the desert valley with your local expert guide
  • Enjoy your own private picnic in the peaceful surroundings of the wadis
  • Head up into the hills of the Sun Mountain (Jebel Shams) to see the Omani Grand Canyon from a different angle
  • Unearth the ancient history behind the magnificent forts, towers and castles with a Middle Eastern historian
  • Step away from the crowds and visit lesser-known Omani jewels, such as Jabrin Castle
  • Connect with authentic Omani culture and learn the customs and traditions from locals themselves in an Al Barazah gathering
Arabian wanderlust in Oman


  Muscat * Check in Chedi Muscat

D2  Visit the Grand Mosque with a local guide * Sultan’s Palace

D3  Coastal Journey * Bimah Sinkhole * Finnes beaches and Wadi Tiwi  * Check into luxury eco-tent

D4  Sea turtles experience * Desert Wadis * Wahiba Sands dune excursion* Camp out at 1000 Nights Camp * Dine under the starry skies

D5  Ancient clay ruin houses * Hiking at the Green Mountain * Nizwa Fort and Jabrin Castle

D6  Omani culture in Al Hamra * Take part in an Al Barazah gathering * Brave the ‘Snake Gorge’ * Take the hidden road to Nakhal Fort

D7  Muscat

All sample itineraries are designed to inspire and are customised on consultation.

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Our favourite places to stay:

Chedi Muscat - An opulent, contemporary hotel with its own private beach

Ras al-Jinz Turtle Reserve - A luxury eco-tent

1000 Nights Camp - A peaceful getaway in the Wahiba Sands

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