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Beyond the footsteps of Charles Darwin

Journey from the Andes to the Galapagos through the eyes of the explorers of yesteryear, as you explore all that makes Ecuador special

For those looking to experience the wonders of wildlife through the rich history and experiences of its surrounding communities

12 days
On request
Beyond the footsteps of Charles Darwin
Beyond the footsteps of Charles Darwin

Why our trip is different:

  • Visit the oldest churches in the Andes, including La Compania de Jesus located on the Equator, with a baroque architecture specialist
  • Journey to the origin of chocolate, and witness the production of the finest organic Nacional cacao from small family farms with a cacao specialist and chef
  • Lunch in the courtyard of a private casa after visiting a weaving village in Otavalo, and delight in traditional Kichwa cuisine
  • Voyage like an old explorer on a nostalgic locomotive train through the volcanic landscape of central Ecuador
  • Embark on a horseback expedition to the four snowcapped mountains of Los Cubillines with famed expeditionist Marco Cruz
  • Witness private rituals performed by an Achuar shaman – ancient Shuar people of Ecuador who have maintained their way of life
  • Visit the Guamote indigenous market, far from all the other tourists and experience an adventure for your senses
  • Dine with an expert conservationist aboard a luxury cruise ship
Beyond the footsteps of Charles Darwin


D1  Baroque church and architecture walking tour * Rest in Casa Gangotena or Hotel Patio Andaluz

D2  Day trip to cacao plantation in Mindo * Dine in the private home of a professional chef  * Relax in Casa Gangotena or Hotel Pario Andaluz

D3  Visit weaving village in Otavalo * Private villa lunch with Kichwa food * Stay in Casa Gangotena or Hotel Pario Andaluz

D4  Board the luxury train Tren Crucero * Hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding in Cotopaxi National Park * Lunch at historic landmark Hacienda San Agustin del Callo * Rest in colonial hotel La Cienega

D5  Visit a rose plantation famous for bicoloured and long stem species * Arrive at the highest train station in Ecuador, Chimborazo * Hike or horseback ride with Marco Cruz * Relax in rustic Hosteria Abraspungo

D6  Board the steamed locomotive to Colta * Visit the first church ever built in Ecuador * Visit the largest indigenous market Guamote * Journey through the Devil’s Nose

D7  Last day on the train – visit Shuar indigenous community * Lunch in a private ranch and waterfall * Overnight in Oro Verde

D8  Arrive in Galapagos and board the luxury catamaran CORMORANT * Dine with expert conservationist

D9  Explore Bartholomew Island and Sullivan Bay * Snorkel with penguins, sea lions, sharks and rays * Walk with blue footed boobies * Discover eroded lava pools, caves and inlets

D10  Visit South Plaza and Santa Fe * See the largest colony of sea lions and iguanas on colourful land * Explore dive sites with sea lions, turtles, sharks and rays

D11  Walk the extinct volcano and lagoon in San Cristobal * Kayak around Kicker Rock * Explore the narrow gorge at Pitt Point

D12  Sunbathe with sea lions on Lobo Island * Snorkel with Nazca and blue-footed boobies

All sample itineraries are designed to inspire and are customised on consultation.

Our favourite places to stay:

Casa Gangotena or Hotel Patio Andaluz

La Cienega

Hosteria Abraspungo

Oro Verde

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