Cruise the Amazon in Grand Fashion

Explore the Peruvian rainforest aboard a state-of-the-art river cruise and reach the birthplace of the Amazon, as you encounter rare wildlife and reach remote villages.

River Adventure in the Peruvian Amazon

Venture to a remote protected area and stay in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. You have to travel upriver through the jungle to get there.

Sacred Depths of Peru

Embark on a spiritual journey to Machu Picchu like a 13th century Incan Pilgrim. Unwind in a luxury lodge with private access to a hidden rainforest.

Secrets of Peruvian cuisine and culture

Uncover the hype behind Peru’s celebrated gastronomic culture and embark on a spiritual journey from ancient cuisine and culture to the modern flair of chef’s tables

The best-kept secret in Peru

Travel to the junction of the Amazon rainforest and the Andes, make your way through difficult terrain, and discover the remains of a lost civilisation.