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Shangri-La: On the Threshold of Sanctuary

Enter the real Shangri-La, a Tibetan enclave in Yunnan, a land of mystery and matchless beauty where life is lived in tranquil wonder

For those seeking a complete disconnection from civilisation to discover the genuine art of travelling inspired by the early 20th century explorers

March - Nov.
10 days
On request
Shangri-La: On the Threshold of Sanctuary
Shangri-La: On the Threshold of Sanctuary

Why our trip is different:

  • Continue the tradition as practised for centuries by the trading caravans of Tibet.
  • Hike and camp in the holy mountains with all the care and comfort of camping Tibetan style but sleeping in real beds
  • Share the life of the Tibetans from the Dabois valley
  • Walk trough a wide range of landscapes, from Rhododendron forest to snowy peaks
  • Prepare for your caravan journey by indulging in the luxury of the best lodge in the village of Shangri-La, with activities designed to immerse you in the atmosphere of James Hilton's Lost Horizon
  • Visit Kawa Karpo, one of the most sacred mountains for Tibetan Buddhism, and hike a section of the famed pilgrimage route, while staying in an astonishing, ecotourism lodge
  • Special Christmas departure; Enjoy a very different Christmas Eve by attending Mass in an ancient Jesuit Church nestled in the Himalayas
  • Special Christmas departure; Experience Yunnan’s local minorities as a guest in their houses in remote and out-of-time villages
Shangri-La: On the Threshold of Sanctuary

D1 Arrive in Shangri-La * recover in style at a Tibetan spa * Watch the sunset by the fireside at the Songzanling Monastery * Night at Songtsam Shangri-La

D2 8km walk in the wilderness * Drive from old town to Farm Liotard in Dabosi Village, the starting point of the caravan * Cross the Ringha Valley with views of Mount Shangri-La Sekha * Fine dining French cuisine by bonfire * Overnight at Monk Grassland 3690m high

D3 15km walk in the wilderness, reaching 4,200m * Enjoy 360° views of surrounding peaks * Overnight at a pasture granting sights of the whole mountain range at 3,750m

D4 20km walk in the wilderness * Picnic at Abdouje sacred lake at 4,000m * Back to camp at Chamois Plans.

D5 (OPTIONAL) 18km walk, descend and stop by a pasture overlooking Ringha Valley * Lunch in a pine tree forest * Return to farm in Dabosi Village * Chauffeur back to Shangri-La Old Town * Overnight in Songtsam Meili

D6 (OPTIONAL) Sunrise on top of the world, with Kawa Karpo just outside your window * Cross the Mekong and hike part of the traditional Kora pilgrimage around the holy peaks * Hike toward glacier and up the spiritual terrace of Feilai Temple, witnessing 13 snowcapped gigantic peaks

D7 Transfer back to Shangri-La * visit snub-nosed monkeys in the national park * Overnight in Shangri-la at Songtsam

D8 Depart 

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