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A Personal Journey Inspired by Bhutan

A personal journey in the land of happiness. Pause, (re)connect with nature, and bring positive changes to what is most important in your life.

For those seeking greater happiness who are interested in exploring ways to have more impact in the way they live, work and lead

Oct - Apr
7 days
On request
A Personal Journey Inspired by Bhutan
A Personal Journey Inspired by Bhutan

Why our trip is different:

  • Bring back much more than just memories by joining our personal development coaching program, including one-on-one and group sessions
  • Experience the benefit of a support network with like-minded people
  • An itinerant journey through the valleys of Bhutan, not a confined experience in a hotel
  • Relax by indulging yourself in the incomparable luxury of our lodges
  • Engage with Nature like never before, including a mindful hike to the iconic Tiger's Nest monastery
  • Experience Bhutanese culture in its utmost authenticity
  • Meet, be counselled and blessed by High Lamas, including Ven. Mynak Tulku, a 12th reincarnate lama of Sakya School

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