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Boundless Namibia

Experience the wonder of the Namib desert, uncover its secrets, and get up close to its uniquely adapted wildlife. This is a trip no one else offers.

For active people seeking a compelling experience in one of the great frontier wildernesses of our planet

Nov. - May
7 days or longer
On request
Boundless Namibia
Boundless Namibia

Why our trip is different:

  • This is a unique trip offered by no one else in the world, in a place unlike anywhere else on earth
  • It grants you exclusive access to places very few people will ever be able to see
  • The trip is guided by one of Africa's most experienced guides, Lloyd Camp
  • Get access to Damaraland, the wildest part of Namibia, away from the crowded tourist circuit, and see iconic creatures and landscapes that very few people have experienced
  • Experience the rawness of the desert in real African style.
  • Hundreds of kilometres away from civilisation, camp in fully-equipped, stylish elegance
  • Become a part of Philip Stander's scientific team to study endangered desert lions for a day
  • Gain access to the Skeleton Coast by crossing the dunes of the Namib desert, the oldest desert in the world, on foot
  • Meet the team at the cutting edge of rhino conservation and join them to track rare, desert-adapted wild rhinos
  • No pre-programmed itineraries; the safari writes itself based on what we see and feel. Africa dictates the rhythm and writes its own song
  • Indulge in the luxury of a Wilderness Safaris Lodge.
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