Agnes Hon

“Andrea is a gem!

Hiking in the Dolomites was one of my best holidays if not the best. Andrea uses his heart to tailor-make itineraries for his clients. That impresses me most.”

- Agnes Hon

Kate Springer

“I would travel with Blueflower again in a heartbeat!

The team went above and beyond to work within my budget, schedule, and personal preferences to build a highly personalised trip to South Africa and Zimbabwe for my family. It was a joy to work with the passionate travellers at Blueflower, who looked after every detail to ensure we had the trip of a lifetime.”

- Kate Springer and her family

Marie Christine

“My son and I had the MOST AMAZING trip to Montenegro and Dubrovnik. We can’t thank Andrea enough for all of his help in putting the itinerary together in a very special way. It could not have been any better, it was perfetto!

It truly was personal and a dream holiday. Even though we did so much, we had time to relax, to pamper ourselves and to try different restaurants.”

- Marie Christine and her teenage son

Celene Wong

“We had a truly memorable trip. We loved NZ more than I anticipated. My daughter is asking if we can go again during CNY!

It was the best trip we have ever taken, we tried activities we didn’t know we liked, met inspiring people, and stayed at the most charming properties. Wouldn’t change a thing about it. Thank you Andrea!”

- Celene and her 9-year-old daughter

Heather Shalabi

“Andrea did a beautiful job planning my family's vacation in Puglia last summer.

He did a wonderful job designing an itinerary to suit three generations of diverse interests, and was flexible and responsive to last minute changes and requests.”

- Heather Shalabi, her dad and her daughter

Rhonda and Richard Thorp

“Since knowing Andrea for the past 4 years, we had been in awe of his wealth of knowledge of Africa and particularly Botswana. 

From the incredible stories to the up-close and personal experiences that set him apart from the rest.”

- Rhonda and Richard Thorp

Sofia Zanchini & family

“Despite traveling with young kids we could see the best places and temples; far from the crowd and literally on our own! What a treat! Our children felt at home running around the temples and climbing on the old, huge trees!

Our tour Guide was great, very knowledgeable, spoke excellent English and was very helpful with our children! He literally played and entertained them when we were inside the temples and they couldn't get in for the age!”

- Sofia Zanchini & family

Graeme Torre

“Traveling by bike and on-foot in Kyrgystan requires competent advance planning. My journey with Blue Flower provided exactly what I wanted, a well planned but flexible itinerary, a connection with the country and its people and a healthy dose of spontaneous adventure. Incredible experience!”

- Graeme Torre

Natalie Rie

“Andrea arranged a unique trip to Nepal for our small group of keen photographers in the making: such a wonderful life changing and eye opening experience!

Andrea's strong empathy coupled with his extensive research skills helped tailor make a truly unique experience.”

- Natalie Rie