A Passway to Golden Myanmar

Imagine a land untouched by time, where golden pagodas reach to the skies, and the landscape is a white page for you to write your own adventure.

A Cruise in the River Nile, Roadway of Pharaohs

Visit archaeological sites of unsurpassed beauty in the style of the Pharaohs. Sail the Nile on which shores flourished one of the great civilisations.

A Festival of Lights

Journey through Iceland's striking landscapes and experience the magic of the Northern Lights

A Kaleidoscope of Culture

Papua New Guinea is for the adventurous. Hike through jungles and dive in the Tropical Fjords. Discover villages whose way of life has changed little in millenia.

A Rendezvous with the Gorillas

Eat breakfast in snowy peaks, have lunch in a luxury lodge, dine under the wide skies of the savannah, and meet the giants of the forest.

A Show of Norwegian Lights

Join a group of audacious travellers and experience a luxurious adventure in the Norwegian Arctic.

A Taste of Paradise

A gem of the South Pacific, New Caledonia is a place of wonder, where nature and culture blend to create endless pleasures.

All of New Zealand Can Be Yours

Explore the whole of New Zealand with a tour that has it all: dramatic nature, time to chill, food and wine and culture. This is our Ultimate Kiwi Holiday.

Arabian wanderlust in Oman

A glamping adventure in Oman’s historic heartland. Discover the stunning diversity of wadis, beaches, mountains, pools and dunes in style…

Away from the Crowds in Cambodia

Experience the Temples of Angkor away from the crowds and unwind in the luxury of a private island.

Beyond the footsteps of Charles Darwin

Journey from the Andes to the Galapagos through the eyes of the explorers of yesteryear, as you explore all that makes Ecuador special

Boundless Namibia

Experience the wonder of the Namib desert, uncover its secrets, and get up close to its uniquely adapted wildlife. This is a trip no one else offers.

Budapest & Prague: A Tour of Elegance

Crown the holiday season in two of the most beautiful European cities. Embark in a fairytale through Budapest and Prague. End this winter literally on a high note.

Chic-Escape in Contemporary Tokyo

Embrace the most exciting underground culture of the far East in a city that has made an art out of balancing excess with simplicity and elegance.

Costa Rica: Pura Vida Underwater, Overland and Airborne

Design your own adventure in the diverse, lush and pristine Costa Rica. From active volcanoes to a swim with thousands of dolphins in the Ocean, you can have it all.

Deep Nights, Full of Light

Visit the pristine nature of the Swedish Arctic in a four-day expedition.

Deeper into India’s Golden Triangle: Ranthambore

Extend your luxury tour of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Explore India’s wildlife and spot the elusive Tiger.

Dolomite Ski Safari, Snow Zebras not Included

Ski from resort to resort, and discover the best way to apres-ski: to keep skiing.

Egypt the Immortal

Temples of unsurpassed beauty hidden in the desert, monuments carved in the canyons, and a bid for immortality. See it all in a journey that spans the ages.

Experience the colour and flavour of Brazil

Experience the best of both worlds, from a sophisticated city seen through the eyes of its locals, to a jungle escape with unprecedented access to nature’s great wonders

Family Adventure in Two Great American Parks

A true American adventure, Yellowstone and the Grand Teton capture the excitement of the great outdoors, and the iconic wildlife of the Northwest.

Fly Fishing in Patagonia

Hone your fly fishing in one of the last bastions of Nature. Enjoy your catch asado style and bask in the glory of the Andes.

Geological Wonders of America

Enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of the American Southwest as you venture into the Grand Canyon from all angles: air, land and water

In the Footsteps of Polar Explorers

Join in an expedition to Norway's Tromso: the Arctic Gate. Discover the colourful skies and pristine nature of the Lofoten Island.

In the Wild with Every Comfort

Enjoy world-class game drives and relax in luxurious camps in both northern and southern Tanzania.

India: The Golden Triangle

Explore landmarks that haunt the imagination and revive a golden age as you delve deeper into the wonders of India’s Golden Triangle: Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Iran Adventure: Oasis & Dunes

Venture into the eastern deserts of Iran and make your way back to Isfahan whether on foot, camel, mountain bike, or 4x4.

Island Serenity in Wild Madagascar

Explore the magnificent rainforests and learn about the unique wildlife with an experienced guide. End your trip on a private island getaway.

It’s Tiger Time!

Experience India’s wildlife from luxury lodges in safaris curated by the Project Tiger elite.

Japan Itinerary of Fine Art

Explore Tokyo’s art scene as you make your way through art galleries, master studios and the most exclusive bars and restaurants

Japanese Ski Ceremony

Enjoy the purest snow Hokkaido has to offer and enjoy world-class skiing in Japan. Add delightful culinary experiences and a relaxing landscape, après-ski.

Jeep Gauchos in Wild Patagonia

Reach the farthest corners of Patagonia and take the road less travelled - quite literally! Your fully equipped Jeep will take you there.

Jordan: The Spirit of Legends

Travel across the Jordanian desert to discover Petra and many other wonders of the Nabateans alongside Archaeology experts.

Kenya: Conservation in Action

Gain an in-depth understanding of one of Africa’s most dynamic ecosystems. Learn firsthand from the local conservationists who strive to protect it.

Land of Mystics

In the Island of Java, powerful spiritual forces roam the land in broad daylight. Join anthropologist Patrick Vanhoebrouck in a journey unlike any other.

Luxury Cruise to the Enchanted Isles

The Galapagos hold the key to our modern understanding of life. Herman Melville called them “The Encantadas”. Enjoy every comfort as you set after Darwin’s trail.

Maldives: Blue Lagoon Beauty

Retreat to a blue lagoon paradise where you can experience the pleasures of nature with absolute freedom.

Morning Prayers & Stories by the Fire

In this itinerary, explore the magical city of Luang Prabang and give in to its charm. Then hike into the jungles around it and discover a rich cultural world.

Morocco: Marrakech and the Sahara

Travel from Marrakech to the Sahara to discover the essence of Moroccan luxury and elegance. This is a journey of exuberant romanticism where beauty lurks at every corner

Myanmar’s Art Renaissance

Gain access to Myanmar’s top artists, performers, writers and archaeologists who will guide you to the heart and soul of this cultural wonderland.

Off the Beaten Path Rajasthan

Discover the Soul of Rajasthan as you experience the authentic rural India and stay in Forts, Palaces and Luxury camps that seem to spring from legend.

Okavango: The Beating Heart of Botswana

Engage with nature on a whole new level. Gain unprecedented access to the wildlife in the jewel of Southern Africa: the Okavango Delta.

Pilgrimage to India: 2019 Ardh Kumbh Mela

Join millions of pilgrims who travel to the sacred city of Allahabad to be purified. It is a moving dance of the human spirit that forever seeks the waters of salvation.

Rajasthan: Gems of the Thar Desert

A breathtaking Rajasthan journey that pierces right through the heart of the Thar Desert: from Blue Jodhpur at its gate to Golden Jaisalmer at its very core.

Relive the Heyday of Cuba

Experience Cuba in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway: a nation bustling with vanguardists and one-of-a-kind musicians.

River Adventure in the Peruvian Amazon

Venture to a remote protected area and stay in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. You have to travel upriver through the jungle to get there.

Sacred Depths of Peru

Embark on a spiritual journey to Machu Picchu like a 13th century Incan Pilgrim. Unwind in a luxury lodge with private access to a hidden rainforest.

Shores of Eden

The blue waters of the South Pacific are your highways. Sail between the islands of Vanuatu to your own adventure. In this archipelago remains the innocence of Paradise.

Ski Mont Blanc

Strap on your skis and join the locals in a journey around Mont Blanc, crossing into Italy, France and Switzerland. Epic and yet family friendly.

Skybeds & Game

Deep in the Botswana bush, the Skybeds put you in the middle of the wild. Nowhere else can you get this close.

Southern Africa in All Its Glory

Travel from wilderness to wine country, to a private island retreat. Experience the very best of South Africa and Mozambique.

Sri-Lanka: Wellness for the Soul

Venture to hidden monasteries, cave temples, and sacred rocks in the Island of Ceylon.

Sudan: An Archaeologist's Delight

Walk between the pyramids of Meroë and traverse the Nubian Desert to uncover the ruins of powerful and proud empires. History has left many voices in Sudan. Listen!

Sweden: Northern Lights Paradiso

Enjoy a front-row seat in Lapland as the Björkliden sky comes to life with the most beautiful show on Earth: the Aurora Borealis.

The Dolomites: Your Winter Playground

Come to the world’s most charming Capital of Ski. The only rules are: eat delicious food, relax in nature and have endless fun in the snow.

The Finnish Arctic: At the Edge of the World

Travel to the last European Wilderness. In this luxurious expedition, you will find a constant spectacle, both on land, and in the skies.

The Golden Triangle and the Jewel city

Travel across Northern Thailand, through the Infamous Golden Triangle, and reach the temple-studded gem of Laos.

The Majestic Silence of Patagonia

Experience the serenity of the grand mountains and glaciers through the eyes of the gauchos and early pioneers.

The Russian Tundra and the Green Nightskies

Venture to extreme latitudes in the Kola Peninsula for an off-the-beaten-path experience of the Northern Lights.

The South Pacific: A Sea of Dreams

Embark on an epic journey through Vanuatu and New Caledonia. Sail under strange skies and interact with enriching cultures in a place closer to Paradise.