A Passway to Golden Myanmar

Imagine a land untouched by time, where golden pagodas reach to the skies, and the landscape is a white page for you to write your own adventure.

Paris, Rome and London for the Family and Kids

Explore culture capitals of Europe with the kids. Enjoy activities designed specially for them, and for the child in you.

A Cruise in the River Nile, Roadway of Pharaohs

Visit archaeological sites of unsurpassed beauty in the style of the Pharaohs. Sail the Nile on which shores flourished one of the great civilisations.

An Intimate Mekong Cruise

Cruise along the mighty Mekong on a small yet luxurious vessel that will transport you to the heart of Cambodia into Vietnam in an intimate river fantasy.

Arabian wanderlust in Oman

A glamping adventure in Oman’s historic heartland. Discover the stunning diversity of wadis, beaches, mountains, pools and dunes in style…

Beyond the footsteps of Charles Darwin

Journey from the Andes to the Galapagos through the eyes of the explorers of yesteryear, as you explore all that makes Ecuador special

Colourful Rituals of Bhutan

Imagine a Hidden Kingdom that spans towering mountains and subtropical forests, where spirits speak in colours and happiness is the measure of progress.

Cruise the Amazon in Grand Fashion

Explore the Peruvian rainforest aboard a state-of-the-art river cruise and reach the birthplace of the Amazon, as you encounter rare wildlife and reach remote villages.

Deeper into India’s Golden Triangle: Ranthambore

Extend your luxury tour of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Explore India’s wildlife and spot the elusive Tiger.

Dolomite Ski Safari, Snow Zebras not Included

Ski from resort to resort, and discover the best way to apres-ski: to keep skiing.

Egypt the Immortal

Temples of unsurpassed beauty hidden in the desert, monuments carved in the canyons, and a bid for immortality. See it all in a journey that spans the ages.

Family Adventure in Myanmar

Discover the Golden Land with your family as you go on treasure hunts, play with elephants and explore a world of magic and fun.

Family Fun in China

From the Great Wall to the trendy art studios of Tianzifang, China opens its heart to you, in a life-changing experience designed for families.

Family Mountaineering in the Dolomites

Hidden in the mountainous valleys of Northern Italy, classic alpine scenes and world-class dining are waiting to charm the romantic traveller, and the family too.

Heart and Soul in Israel

While it is true that every place has its own history, it so happens that History has its own place. Travel to Israel and discover your personal pilgrimage.

In the Wild with Every Comfort

Enjoy world-class game drives and relax in luxurious camps in both northern and southern Tanzania.

Japan for the Family: Ninjas, Kimonos & Kawaii

Bring the kids to the dojo, wear authentic kimonos and fly over Tokyo on a helicopter. This hands-on discovery of Japan is all about fun.

Japan’s North: Countryside Charm

Discover Japan off-the-beaten-track as you explore the rugged north in this guided walking tour that reveals a different side of the country.

London for Families: Wizarding Detectives

Use your powers of deduction to fight against London’s criminal masterminds, become a wizard ― of sorts, and explore the fun side of etiquette.

Luxury Cruise to the Enchanted Isles

The Galapagos hold the key to our modern understanding of life. Herman Melville called them “The Encantadas”. Enjoy every comfort as you set after Darwin’s trail.

Meet Santa under Magical Finnish Skies

Give your children a gift they will never forget and enjoy a unique family Christmas in an exclusive chalet in the middle of a snowy forest.

Paris for Families: Playful Refinement

Children experience Paris’ museums, art and culture through play. Fun workshops introduce them to French cuisine and the Impressionists’ painting techniques.

Pure wilderness, from land to sea

Explore untamed Alaska and experience a raw connection to nature

Rome for Families: Gelato Wielding Gladiators

A fun-filled family experience where you will make gelato and pizza, train like a gladiator and ride a bike in the Via Appia and the Catacombs.

Sardinia: Trekking in a Mediterranean Sanctuary

Are you up for a luxury challenge? Explore the mountain trails, coastal tracks, and incredible beaches of Sardinia in a guided trekking adventure.

Ski Mont Blanc

Strap on your skis and join the locals in a journey around Mont Blanc, crossing into Italy, France and Switzerland. Epic and yet family friendly.

Soul and Flavour of Colombia

Explore a country brimming with cultural and natural treasures, where travel is just emerging and lies there pristine, for you to discover.

Sri-Lanka: Wellness for the Soul

Venture to hidden monasteries, cave temples, and sacred rocks in the Island of Ceylon.

The Dolomites: Your Winter Playground

Come to the world’s most charming Capital of Ski. The only rules are: eat delicious food, relax in nature and have endless fun in the snow.

The Finnish Arctic: At the Edge of the World

Travel to the last European Wilderness. In this luxurious expedition, you will find a constant spectacle, both on land, and in the skies.

The Grand Tour of Sicily

From the art of Palermo, to the temples of Agrigento, the fires of Etna and the charm of Taormina. For ambitious travellers who want it all.

The Joy of Vietnam

Let us take you to a country that is bursting with life and enthusiasm. Let us introduce you to its people who will welcome you with open arms.

The Majestic Silence of Patagonia

Experience the serenity of the grand mountains and glaciers through the eyes of the gauchos and early pioneers.

The Natural Mystery of the Canary Islands

Hop from island to island to discover natural worlds that defy the imagination and let our guides show you the key to the Canaries’ diversity.

The South Pacific: A Sea of Dreams

Embark on an epic journey through Vanuatu and New Caledonia. Sail under strange skies and interact with enriching cultures in a place closer to Paradise.