Botswana - Step outside your comfort zone on

Safaris are big business for honeymoon holiday providers. But when holidays are organised en masse, it can be difficult to cater to the interests of individual couples. Instead of opting for a trip to the big named parks in South Africa, such as Kruger National Park, head further inland to the smaller-scale, boutique safari lodges and camps of Botswana.

Botswana has waged a valiant battle against trophy hunting and poaching, and wildlife sanctuaries now comprise a staggering 17% of the land. The vast savannahs are home to some of nature’s greatest wonders, and your chances of encountering the big five on a game drive are high. With the help of experienced guides, you can engage with the big five at a proximity beyond your wildest imagination, participating in thrilling yet respectful encounters with nature.

Dreaming up visions of a safari adventure, there’s one thing you’re not likely to expect an abundance of: water. But Botswana’s Okavango Delta holds the potential for just that; come rainy season, the land transforms into lush vegetation, brimming with life. Join a guide on an excursion in a handcrafted mokoro canoe down the Hippo Highways, and canoe up to an elephant herd downstream.

But why limit yourself to the ground, when you can fly? For an aerial view, charter a helicopter to cover an expanse of land and witness rare antelopes, who would have otherwise leapt by unnoticed. The view from the top provides an entirely different perspective; one you may have seen in nature documentaries but never thought possible to witness yourself. Challenging convention and doing things the typical way guarantees a unique experience, and one you won’t soon forget; making memories to last a lifetime. This is exactly what your honeymoon should be about.